Strengthening Internal and External Partnerships to Further Today’s Procurement Organization

General Breakfast

08:00 - 08:40 Continental Breakfast & Registration in the Solution's Lounge

Women in Procurement

08:00 - 08:40 Women in Procurement Networking Breakfast

08:40 - 08:45 Welcome Remarks from the Program Director

Elizabeth Robillard, Program Director,ProcureCon Pharma


Elizabeth Robillard

Program Director
ProcureCon Pharma

08:45 - 08:55 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Dan Kagan, COO,


Dan Kagan


08:55 - 09:15 Getting Started with Supplier Enabled Innovation: Unlocking Value from Your Trusted Partners

Edward McAndrews, Head of Procurement,AstraZeneca
Not only are your suppliers the links in your value chain, but could also be a source of innovation for your business. They have capabilities and resources that your organization could benefit from. But getting started with this takes a lot of coordination, both with internal stakeholders and your suppliers. It involves a lot of trust and in some cases, a shift in mindset for you internal stakeholders, who don’t feel comfortable passing off some aspects of their role to people outside of your business. Once suppliers are involved in the development process, procurement takes a seat at the strategy table—going beyond reducing costs and improving efficiencies to focusing on building value and profits. This session will look at how procurement teams can be:
-Pursuing most favored-status with critical suppliers capable of building competitive advantage Increasing suppliers’ margins -Bringing new solutions to internal business owners when they might not have an awareness
-Supporting innovation to business units
-Working through varying challenges across different regions-
-Identifying and clarifying Potential confusion about the role of internal R&D resources new and more complex responsibilities for the company’s procurement organization

Edward McAndrews

Head of Procurement

09:15 - 09:35 Working with Your Internal Partners- The Sanofi Story

Tanya Momtahen, Vice President, Global Scientific & Clinical Procurement,Sanofi
Only with strong internal partnerships can procurement teams effectively control spend and create value. Internal business partners will include you in their meetings and plans and see you as a helpful part of the team. Join this session to hear more about how Tanya Momtahen and her procurement team at Sanofi have been working to streamline these internal relationships.

Tanya Momtahen

Vice President, Global Scientific & Clinical Procurement

Creating a competitive advantage requires the full capabilities of a robust supply network. To make this possible, procurement must establish partnerships with suppliers that are able to deliver value as well as innovative products and services. Supplier discovery can no longer be fueled by information alone. Instead, collective intelligence - created by combining and applying input from internal stakeholders, industry peers, suppliers, and respected third party data sources - must form the basis for the supplier discovery process.

Mary Kachinsky

Vice President Strategic Sourcing and Operations
FORMA Therapeutics


Stephany Lapierre


09:55 - 10:35 Panel: It’s A Win-Win - Including Suppliers in Your Strategic Vision and Creating Mutually Beneficial Relationships for the Long Term

Jennifer Freed, Global Sourcing Associate Director,Boehringer Ingelheim Scott McKinney, Associate Director of Procurement,bluebird bio Daniel Marasco, Associate Director Global Procurement,Bristol Myers Squibb
What would happen if you cut through the red tape and opened up to suppliers more? If you shared more than you have historically, how many doors would open up for innovation? How could you gain insights into how your competitors are operating? How could working toward a more solid relationship with suppliers payoff dividends with so much work being outsourced? Find out top procurement teams are:

-Setting up strategic partnerships vs. tactical partnerships with suppliers
-Acknowledging the fact that while you should trust your external partners, you can glean the most value from them by becoming a trusted customer
-Advocating for open communication between your stakeholders and your external partners so a mutual understanding of goals can lead to common governance structure for your projects together
-Developing long term relationships with external partners and having corporate advocates from within their company who can help you come up with meaningful proposals

Jennifer Freed

Global Sourcing Associate Director
Boehringer Ingelheim


Scott McKinney

Associate Director of Procurement
bluebird bio


Daniel Marasco

Associate Director Global Procurement
Bristol Myers Squibb

10:35 - 11:10 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break in the Solutions Lounge

11:10 - 11:30 Strengthening Internal and External Partnerships to Further Your Procurement Organization Needs: The Ferring Perspective

Raphael Kleinmann, Us Procurement Head,Ferring
Raphael Kleinmann was tasked with growing a full procurement function at Ferring three years ago. During this session he will walk us through how he accomplished the set up and where Ferring is in it's journey to procurement maturity:

-Ferring's transformational journey of Procurement (from initiation to current status)
-Initial current challenges
-Initial Goals
-Accomplishments to date
-Vision to best in class

Raphael Kleinmann

Us Procurement Head

11:30 - 11:40 From Savings…to Value

David Pastore, Director,Source One Management Services
The reward for good work is more work – and Procurement has evolved beyond tactical purchasing and year-over-year cost savings to drive supplier innovation and create a competitive advantage for their organizations. But the way Procurement groups design their goals, measure their performance, and communicate their success needs to evolve, too. Capitalizing on the growing discipline of data science for procurement, learn how your team can demonstrate progress on management-driven procurement and sourcing goals in an organized and profound way

David Pastore

Source One Management Services

11:40 - 12:00 Aligning Procurement Operations Across Internal Business Needs to Unlock Best Value

Kent Morsch, Regional Head of Procurement,Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Given the value procurement can bring to the table across different business lines, how are your teams aligning the arms of your department with different internal business partners to unlock that value? How do you ensure that your resources aren't wasted? Join this session to figure out how Kent Morsch at Takeda is:
-Mapping out his stakeholders in each part of the business
-Navigating internal networks to understand what each stakeholder needs from procurement -Rethinking how to meet these needs through simplifying processes
-Gaining trust and loyalty to make change stick
-Working to understand how internal partners are used to doing things and implement change management techniques to help them better understand your role
-Developing the right team to sustain delivery of value to your business partners

Kent Morsch

Regional Head of Procurement
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

12:00 - 12:40 Deep Dive Workshop Part One | Mitigating Disruptions to Your Supply Chain With An Effective Supplier Risk Management Strategy

Arash Azadegan, Associate Professor,Rutgers
Running out of something, be it an item or a service is the worst thing that can happen to a supply chain. What sort of resilience is necessary to help companies better respond to supply chain disruptions? How can you more effectively manage and mitigate risk associated with supply chain disruptions? Dr Azadegan has been leading this exercise with sourcing executives from top 10 pharma companies to get to the heart of how to have more resilient leadership. During thisworkshop you will be presented with a range of supply chain disruptions to various indirect categories. In small teams you will work through table topic exercises to assess how organizational resilience and supply chain resilience can affect recovery efforts during supply chain disruptions. Participants will:
• Work through supply chain disruptions in small teams
• Examine hypothetical cases of supply chain disruption
• Assess how organizational resilience and supply chain resilience can affect recovery efforts
• Building resilience & value into the supply chain
• Building shared risk into supplier contracts through effective negotiation
• How to measure, monitor and mitigate risks through a comprehensive risk management process • Building a matrix to categorize the types and probability of risks and their potential impact: natural disaster, geopolitical, export/import trade, regulatory, and more

Arash Azadegan

Associate Professor

12:40 - 13:40 Lunch for all Attendees

13:40 - 14:00 Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Successful Global Provider Partnership

Kevin Shea, Senior Label Program Director,Clintrak Clinical Labeling LLC., a part of ThermoFisher Scientific
How do you create a successful partnership with internal/external clients? Beyond understanding needs/requirements, what additional considerations must be taken into account when evaluating a potential external partner? This session will explore how and why certain partners are selected and are utilized to drive long term global strategic partnerships and ultimate success.

Specifically, this session will . . . .
1. Discuss the qualities of a vendor that help make an ideal partner 2. Discuss ways to help take the vendor/client relationship become a strategic partnership
3. Identify how strong strategic partnerships can drive value, savings and ultimate success for all

Kevin Shea

Senior Label Program Director
Clintrak Clinical Labeling LLC., a part of ThermoFisher Scientific

If you are either a high level strategy manager over several categories or manage only one, unlocking the potential that your category can attain is key to business success. How do you come to best understand the area you are managing or effectively chose the right people to look over certain categories. During this panel you will:

-Learn the elements that will make a category management strategy successful
-Explore what the role of “category manager” should look like
-Understand what skillset to look for in a category manager

Jill Rankin

Global Sourcing Category Manager
Boehringer Ingelheim


Keith DeMatteo

Center of Sourcing Excellence Director
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

14:35 - 14:55 Supporting Mid - to Late Lifecycle Brands More Effectively Through An Evolved Operational Model

Art Chavez, Partner,The Bloc Kristy Kershaw, Associate Director, US Marketing, Surgery & Anesthesia,Merck


Art Chavez

The Bloc


Kristy Kershaw

Associate Director, US Marketing, Surgery & Anesthesia

14:55 - 15:25 Deep Dive Workshop Part Two | Mitigating Disruptions to Your Supply Chain With An Effective Supplier Risk Management Strategy

Arash Azadegan, Associate Professor,Rutgers
Return from lunch energized to go through the results of this morning’s workshop. Dr Azadegan will examine key data points collected during the table topics exercises to highlight patterns in response and recovery to supply chain disruptions. Find out how you measure up against your peers and strategize on leadership tactics that can effectively mitigate response and recovery.

Arash Azadegan

Associate Professor

15:25 - 16:05 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break in the Solution's Lounge

Be sure to join these interactive roundtable sessions and take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to discuss. Opportunities to sit and learn from life science executives like these do not exist elsewhere. Take control of your own event experience. Don’t be shy! Ask questions (or answer them!) of other conference attendees who are dealing with the same challenges as you.

  • Network with industry peers with very similar challenges, interests and responsibilities
  • Take a deep dive into a niche topic in an intimate and informal setting moderated by a subject matter expert
  • Don’t miss out on the discussions you want to participate in—you’ll get to select a new topic after 40 minutes

1. Supplier Discovery Based on Collective Intelligence
Mary Kachinsky, Vice President Strategic Sourcing and Operations, FORMA Therapeutics
Stephany LaPierre, CEO, Tealbook

2. Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Successful Global Provider Partnership
Kevin Shea , Senior Label Program Director, Clintrak Clinical Labeling LLC., a part of ThermoFisher Scientific

3. The Evolution of a Contingent Workforce Management Services Program and Partnership
Ken Serviss, Senior Account Director, PRO Unlimited
Jack Schink, Director, Procurement, Novartis Business Services NEW

4. Supporting Mid - to Late Lifecycle Brands More Effectively Through An Evolved Operational Model
Art Chavez, Partner, The Bloc
Kristy Kershaw, Associate Director, US Marketing, Surgery & Anesthesia, Merck

5. Your Category Management Toolbox: Travel and Meetings Procurement
Talia Mashiach, CEO, Founder and Product Architect, Eved
Tarbinlam Lafon, Director – Travel, Card & Meetings Procurement, Merck

6. Welcome to the Future of Procurement: Vision 2020
Richard Stack, Director, Value Engineering, SAP Ariba

Stephany Lapierre



Art Chavez

The Bloc


Talia Mashiach

CEO, Founder & Product Architect


Tarbinlam Lafon

Director- Travel, Card & MEetings Procurement


Kristy Kershaw

Associate Director, US Marketing, Surgery & Anesthesia


Ken Serviss

Senior Account Director
PRO Unlimited


Jack Schink

Director of Procurement

17:20 - 18:30 Cocktail Reception in the Solution's Lounge

After a busy day of informative sessions, relax with fellow speakers and attendees over a cocktail

18:30 - 23:59 End of Main Day One